Wallie Draws

In case we haven't met before, Hi I am Wallie.
I love to draw and here are some of my artworks.
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Hi, I'm Wallie and I am fond of exploring new stuff and recreating shades with my colors. Kpop infatuated me in 2017 when I first saw a BTS MV, since then I'm a multifan and I adore drawing my favourite artists.

Have a look at some of my original pieces 🎨

  Tom Holland Potrait  

Hues and shades- blush and fades,

My pencils with color- truly a stunner,
More the tint- my heart's on a sprint,
Excitement is even- art's worth believin'

 BTS Suga Mix Medium 

Soliloquizing my love for art with this portrait - Sketching, Painting and Shading.
Exploring and experimenting with medium while I can.

 Exo Kai 

(Hyperrealistic Potrait) 

White and Black, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang,
Blending these colors as the time might've,
greying as the history would,
brewing as the world likes.


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